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The global economy is built on contracts

But, as trillions of dollars move into global digital markets, legal contracts are still analogue artefacts.

Current solutions do not offer the cyber security nor the legal certainty demanded by business. 

The race is on to build the infrastructure that will securely underpin web 3.0 contracts. Legal contracts are primed for disruption


A global and emerging problem

Smart Legal Contracts

Contract creation, administration and performance are some of the least automated processes in business.


The global legal services market size is expected to grow from around $850 billion in 2017 to over $1 trillion in 2022 at a growth rate of 5%.


How do we know? We have spoken to hundreds of clients right across the globe.

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A smart contracting solution that is ESG compliant, cyber secure and legally certain. 

About Us

Next generation contracting

Next generation, digital contracts need enterprise-grade digital infrastructure. Nooriam comes with the highest legal and technological pedigree. By automating contractual performance and collecting structured data, contracts that run on Nooriam unlock new insights and greater efficiencies.

We handle your contracts with care

Contracts protect you. We protect your contracts.  Nooriam has brought together world-leading digital asset, blockchain and digital law specialists to develop a solution that works from the front end to the back.

Legal led design with cutting edge technology

At Nooriam, our solutions help industry-leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Let your contracts help run your business and save you money. The Nooriam platform is being developed with a wide range of features and will continue to have its technology base built out.

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